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Do you know shopping on foreign online stores is easier with Metro Box? 


Welcome to Metro Box Nig.

Our eBay and Amazon Order

  • eBay and Amazon Procurement Charge is FREE
  • Taking “Buy it now” orders only. No bids or offers.
  • eBay Rate: 380/$ for single item below $800
  • eBay Rate 410/$ for single item above $800
  • Amazon Rate: 430/$ for single item below $500
  • Amazon Rate: 450/$ for single item, above $500
  • Other US Website Rate: 420/$

Our 1688 and Alibaba Order

  • Procurement Charge is FREE
  • Alibaba & 1688 Rate: 70/¥1

Metro Box Logistics Service

We are committed to providing cost effective Logistics solutions for our clients. With faster and technology powered delivery services, we offer complete flexibility that are timely.

We help our clients ship all kinds of item ranging from electronics, gadgets, office needed, among other things.

Countries we ship from includes:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • China 
  • United Arab Emirate

We’re available to serve you 24/7.

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